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The Risks of Not Removing Tree Stumps

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Tree stumps can be eyesores that take up space in your landscaping, but there are also several risks associated with leaving stumps in your yard. If you’re thinking about contacting a tree service about stump removal in Decatur or Atlanta, then continue reading to learn about the reasons why you should.

Tree Stump Removal Service by Brackenbox in Atlanta, GA

Stumps Attract Pests

Once a tree stump dies, the wood that it’s made of begins to rot. When this occurs, the stump can attract pests like beetles, ants, and termites to your property where they may set up home in the stump. While it may not trouble you to have these pests in your yard, they may eventually migrate to your home and cause damage to its structure. To help protect your home and property from wood boring pests, consider taking advantage of tree stump removal services.

Stumps Are Hazards

If you’ve had a tree stump in your yard for a while, then you may be accustomed to its presence and avoid it with ease. However, the stumps left behind by trees, especially those that are cut low to the ground, present a trip hazard. Guests who are unfamiliar with your yard may not see the stump and end up falling and injuring themselves. In particular, tree stumps can pose a hazard to young children and seniors. For these reasons, contacting a tree service about stump removal is a smart decision, especially if you’ll be hosting any visitors this season.

Stumps Can Grow

It’s common for people to assume that tree stumps die shortly after the tree is cut. While this can happen, it’s common for trees to sprout new growth around them. While you may not view a few young trees as a problem, it’s important to realize that these plants can drain a significant amount of your soil’s resources. An active tree stump can absorb moisture and nutrients that would otherwise be used by your lawn, plants, or other trees. For this reason, removing tree stumps can help keep your landscaping healthy.

The Risks of Not Removing Tree Stumps in Atlanta GA

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