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When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service

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Fallen and damaged trees can present a serious safety hazard to people, and they can also lead to serious property damage. For these reasons, a tree that is unstable in any way should be dealt with immediately. The following are a few signs that mean you should contact an emergency tree service near Decatur :

Emergency Removal Service in Atlanta, GA

When There’s Illness

The damage that can be caused by tree diseases is a common reason why people require emergency tree removal services. When allowed to progress, some tree diseases can kill a tree or cause it to become unstable. If any of your trees are hollow, leaning, have dead branches, or appear unhealthy, then consider calling an arborist or tree service to take a look at the plant and determine the best course of action.

After a Storm

Heavy winds and rains can take a toll on trees. If your area recently suffered a severe storm or hurricane, then it’s important to evaluate your property for any signs of tree damage. If any of your trees have broken branches, are leaning to one side, or have fallen against another tree or a structure, then you should contact an emergency tree removal company right away. These professionals can evaluate the trees and determine if any branches need to be cut or if tree removal will be necessary. Taking care of these issues can be critical for the protection of people and property.

Following Rainy Weather

While a number of factors can contribute to soil erosion, this problem can be more common during rainy weather. When wet conditions or flooding cause soil to wash away, this can affect the stability of trees in the area by reducing support for the roots. After flooding or heavy rains, take a look at the trees on your property. If any are starting to lean or have roots that are significantly exposed, then it’s time to contact an emergency tree service.

When to Call an Emergency Tree Removal Service in Atlanta GA

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