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When Tree Removal Is Necessary

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AKA Tree Service to help with necessary tree removal in Atlanta GA.Trees are an essential part of many landscape designs. While your trees may last for many decades or even generations to come, there may come a time when it is necessary to schedule tree removal serving Atlanta . When a tree is in danger of falling or dying, it is highly important to schedule a tree removal service right away. By scheduling tree services at the first sign of an issue, you will be able to prevent your sick or damaged tree from creating a significant safety hazard on your property. Read on for more information about when tree removal may be necessary for your yard.

Health of the Tree

When you are deciding whether your tree needs to be removed, you should start by looking at the overall health of the tree. If your tree shows signs of being significantly sick or damaged, this is a good indication that you are a candidate for tree removal. As a general rule, it is time to remove a tree if more than 50 percent of the branches and leaves show signs of damage.

Tree Species

Occasionally, undesirable tree species can take root in your yard. If your yard has become infested with an invasive tree type, you could be at risk of experiencing damage to your lawn, patio, or pavement. In addition, certain types of undesirable tree species may attract bothersome pests, and can even spread diseases to your other plants. Your tree service professionals can help you identify all of the trees in your yard.

Signs of Structural Damage

To determine whether you need to schedule tree removal, you can also look for signs of structural damage to the tree. Windstorms and other natural occurrences can cause cracks and other forms of damage to the tree trunk, itself. If you can see significant cracks along the trunk or base of your tree, you may need to have the tree removed right away. A company offering tree removal near you can help you safely and effectively remove damaged trees from your yard.

When Tree Removal Is Necessary in Atlanta GA

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