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Common Tree Root Problems

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What Can You Do About Tree Root Problems?

Mostly hidden underground, a tree’s root system facilitates life by enabling water and nutrient absorption. You could even say that a tree is only as healthy as its root system. This can be a problem, however, since various root-related issues can jeopardize the roots and the overall health of the trees. So, let’s talk about common tree root problems – and what you can do about them.

What Are Some Common Root Problems for Trees?

Just as every home needs a strong foundation, every tree needs a supportive root system. Of course, root systems are highly complex and problems can easily take hold. Here are some common root problems faced by trees in the southeastern United States:

  • Root Girdling: Roots wrap around the base of the trunk, restricting nutrient flow. This can lead to structural instability, reduced growth, and an increased susceptibility to diseases and pests.
  • Soil Compaction: Urban development and construction activities often result in soil compaction around trees. Compacted soil limits root expansion, causing stress to the tree, reduced water absorption, and potential decline in overall health.
  • Root Collar Excavation: Poorly executed construction practices, such as excessive soil deposition around the base of trees, can bury the root collar. This leads to reduced oxygen supply to the roots, making the tree vulnerable to diseases like root rot and other stressors.
  • Invasive Roots: Some tree species in the Southeast, such as willows and oaks, are prone to developing invasive surface roots that can damage pavements, foundations, and utility lines. These roots may also compete with turf and other plants for water and nutrients.
  • Waterlogged Roots: In areas with poor drainage or during periods of heavy rainfall, tree roots may become waterlogged. This can lead to root rot, compromising the tree’s ability to absorb nutrients and increasing the risk of structural failure.

What Do Healthy Root Collars Look Like?

Detecting root collar problems might seem challenging if root visibility is limited. There is the possibility the tree has girdling roots, which is where the root wraps itself around the trunk and squeezes it tightly. There should be a flare at the bottom of the trunk that goes out into the roots. If there is no root collar, the tree looks like it is going straight into the ground.

Here’s one way to think about it: a properly planted tree with a healthy root collar should look like a kid’s drawing of a tree.

What are the Signs of Root Collar Disorders?

Recognizing the early warning signs of a root collar problem is crucial for preserving your tree’s health. Early intervention can prevent worsening issues.

Any of these signs may indicate your tree has a root collar problem:

  • Yellowing foliage
  • Premature leaf color change and shedding
  • Dieback in the upper canopy

Root Collar Care with AKA Tree Service

Addressing common tree root problems can save the tree’s health if action is taken quickly. The seasoned arborists at AKA Tree Service boast 35 years of experience in tree care and maintenance. Count on our expertise to preserve your trees while maintaining the landscape’s harmony.

From roots to canopy, we offer comprehensive services to ensure your property remains vibrant and thriving. Contact us today to learn more.

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