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A Look at Winter Care for Your Trees

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appropriate winter tree care in Atlanta When you perform appropriate winter tree care in Atlanta , you’re less likely to need emergency tree services, like tree removal and tree cutting. During the winter, trees are more likely to become cracked, dry, and otherwise damaged. Here is a simple guide to winter tree care.

Practice Good Tree Care Throughout the Year

When you maintain excellent tree care throughout the year, your trees will be much stronger and healthier as you approach winter. At the beginning of summer, inspect your trees for signs of disease and damage. Damage and disease should be treated promptly to ensure that your trees are healthy by the time cold weather sets in. At the beginning of fall, spread fertilizer around your trees. The fertilizer should promote root growth, rather than leaf growth. Only plant new trees that are native to your area, as non-native trees are more likely to experience stress during the winter.

Perform Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning with Care

Tree trimming and tree pruning should only be done in the fall, when your trees have entered a dormancy phase. If you prune or trim your trees too early, you might encourage new growth, which increases your trees’ risk of frost damage during the winter. You should take care to prune weak and vulnerable branches. This will make the entire tree less susceptible to branch breakage. You can also use rope to secure and reinforce branches that are in danger of breaking.

Use Mulch Effectively

You can use mulch to protect your trees from damage by rodents, particularly mice. Leave a space between your mulch and the trunk of your tree to discourage mice, and check it frequently. You can also set out baits, traps, or using paint-on pest repellants. A layer of mulch around the base of your trees will prevent temperature fluctuations and moisture loss from the soil. A thick layer of organic mulch will protect the tree’s roots from cold temperatures. It will also prevent dehydration and cracked or broken branches.

A Look at Winter Care for Your Trees in Atlanta GA

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