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How to Inspect Trees for Damage After a Storm

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After severe weather, emergency tree services near Decatur are busy taking care of fallen trees and broken branches throughout the area. Dealing with problems like these should not be postponed, so it’s important to know how to inspect your property after a storm and to contact a 24-hour tree service if necessary. Follow these steps to check your trees for storm damage:

Tree Damage Risk from Summer Storms

Look for Leaning Trees

A common mistake that people make is to assume that if a tree didn’t fall during the storm, then it will continue to hold its ground. Unfortunately, this isn’t always the case, and a tree that falls can cause significant damage to your property and can lead to severe injury or death if it were to fall on a person. For these reasons, trees that are leaning need to be addressed right away. Walk your property, and if any of the trees are anything but fully upright after a storm, then you should have an expert come out and determine if tree removal will be necessary. This recommendation goes for trees that are leaning against structures or other trees, as well, and trees that have already fallen should not be ignored.

Check for Utility Wires

As you check each tree for damage, you should also keep an eye out for any wires that are in contact with their branches. High winds can loosen utility lines or break branches, allowing trees and wires to come in contact with one another. If you see any wires that are touching your trees, then you should schedule tree trimming for your property.

Search for Broken Branches

Often underestimated, broken tree branches can be a hazard to people and property and can also stress a tree and leave it vulnerable to health problems. Check each of your trees for broken, cracked, or split branches after severe weather. If you spot any large or hard-to-reach branches that are damaged, then call an emergency tree service as soon as possible about having your damaged trees trimmed.

How to Inspect Trees for Damage After a Storm in Atlanta GA

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