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Identifying a Dangerous Tree on Your Property

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AKA Tree Service's ISA-certified arborists identifying dangerous trees on a property in the Atlanta GA area.If you have a dangerous tree in the yard of your home, you could be putting yourself, your family, and your home at risk. Every year, there are hundreds of Americans who are injured and, in some cases, even killed by falling trees and branches. You should seek the services of a certified arborist near Atlanta to see if you have any potentially dangerous trees on your property. Here are some things to look for before going through with tree removal.

Do any of your trees have large, dead branches?

One of the easiest ways to spot a dangerous tree is to look at the branches that it has. If it looks like there’s a chance they could fall off at any moment, you may need to make an appointment to have a tree cutting service completed. Oftentimes, you can make a tree less dangerous simply by getting rid of the dead branches on it.

Do any of your trees lean in an unsafe direction?

All trees have very deep roots that help them stand. However, some trees grow at an awkward angle and may lean over your home or some other structure on your property. Chances are, they won’t fall over anytime soon, but you can never be 100 percent sure so you should ask an arborist to take a look. Depending on what kind of tree it is, you may want to look into your tree removal options.

Do any of your trees have large gaps where leaves do not grow?

A surefire way to spot a sick or dead tree is to take note of the leaves that grow on it. Most trees have leaves that grow together and then fall off at the same time at some point during the year. If you notice that the leaves on a tree are growing sporadically or, worse, not growing at all, you may have a sick tree on your hands. You will need to treat or remove it as soon as possible to avoid trouble down the line.

Identifying a Dangerous Tree on Your Property in Atlanta GA

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