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Identifying Tree Risk

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Identifying a tree risk area before it becomes a problem is one of AKA Tree Services specialties in Atlanta GA and Nashville TN areas.Having trees on your property adds a piece of nature that cannot be matched by any other piece of landscaping. Fruit trees can provide fresh produce just steps outside your kitchen. Since trees can grow to be quite large, they can also pose a liability. If a tree is damaged or decaying, it can cause major problems. If a tree falls over, it can cause significant damage to homes, cars, or anything else in its path. While performing upkeep and maintenance, such as tree pruning near Atlanta, can help keep a tree healthy, it is also important to know when your tree is a risk. Continue reading to learn more about identifying tree risk.

Identifying Risk in Urban Trees

One of the most common problems with trees in urban areas, and a leading cause of tree removal, is when trees interfere with power lines. Large trees with branches that grow into power lines can lead to power outages and cause other dangerous outcomes. Tree trimming services, particularly ones with ISA certified arborists, can keep trees pruned so that they do not interfere with power lines. If a tree is growing into a power line and trimming will not avoid problems, it will need to be removed. Trees in urban areas are more likely to have broken branches, decay, or rot.

Identifying Risk in Rural Trees

In rural areas, there are fewer risks involved with trees. There is less around that a falling tree can damage, but precautions still need to be taken. In rural areas with new construction or development, tree clearing can cause problems for surrounding trees. In rural areas, it is more likely to find trees with split trunks, which can pose risks as well.

Managing Tree Risk

With proper care and precaution, tree risk can easily be managed. Contact a tree removal service and talk with an arborist about your options. When it is possible to save a tree and eliminate risk, it is usually the preferred method for most arborists who want to see trees thrive.

Identifying Tree Risk in Atlanta GA

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